I found you when you had no family and gave you my name. I gave my family to you to be your family.
I gave you a safe and warm home, fed, clothed and educated you. You had the comfort of knowing you would be cared for and never had to know the displeasure of going without the things you needed to thrive. Through our training you gained the ability to be successful at whatever you choose.
I introduced you to the Savior. Now you can escape eternal punishment and enjoy the blessings of heaven. You can have a friend that sticks closer than a brother.  
I taught you right from wrong, to care for yourself, and how to seek God. Today you know how to live, make good choices and please God.
I taught you the value of family and how to care for others.  Though you choose to live for yourself, you have the keys to true happiness if you wish to use them.
I always put your needs ahead of mine and took the hard road by being consistent and faithful to you even when you only saw yourself. I disciplined and instructed even when it would have been easier to let you go your own way.
When forgiveness was needed, it was always given along with counsel, direction, instruction, or help when you needed it.
The one thing I cannot give you is love for your family. I will be content to wait until God teaches you to love. Some day you will look at us as more than a meal or a free place to stay.  Hopefully by the time you realize it … it won’t be too late.
                                                                                                        ~ Mom of Many