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Moments of “Longing”

It was an unexpected joy to see a car load of my favorite people on the way to church today. They smiled and waved, bringing me a sudden burst of joy!

But just as quickly that joy faded and a painful dart hit my heart. These are my friends who I miss dearly that I used to see every day. We’ve shared so much but all of a sudden I can’t share in their life like I used to. That’s how life is sometimes. We love, we enjoy, we cherish, and then they’re gone out of our lives as quickly as they came in.

Where would we be without those who so impact our lives and change us? God has been good to place people in our lives that enlarge our hearts and give us such cherished memories.

I look forward to heaven where we’ll never have to say goodbye.  I miss you Jamie.



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  1. Jamie Long

    Wow! You overwhelm me! I miss you too! Sarah misses you as well! Seeing you family brightened our day as well! Especially the way Pastor Mark drives!!! We love you and your family dearly!!!

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