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Adoption Drama – a Story of One Woman’s Difficult Journey

Here is a blog I just read this morning. I spent an hour reading it from back to front (blogs post the most recent first, and then you become so intrigued you keep hitting the back button to see what preceeded it). If any of you wish to read a story very similar to ours, please check this blog out. After you read it, spend some time praying for this woman. I could have written 99% of her story and put my name as author – it is so much the same as ours. Though I am so very sorry for what she’s going through, it was strangely validating. If you truly want to understand the plight of a family who has adopted emotionally impaired children, please read Adoption drama…. “The System.” I’ll start you from the beginning posting so you can read it in order of occurrence. 

The sad thing is, there is no answer. We are adrift in the sea of fear and regret. Only God knows…and those who have lived it.


God is Still in the Miracle Business


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  1. Gen

    thanks for sharing our story with your readers.

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