Praise be to God for His kindness toward sinners! It’s easy to see why God blesses those who follow Him, for in a small way, we expect it and think it is right (even though we ALL deserve hell and in no way are worthy of the slightest blessing). But it is truly an amazing thing to see God lift up out of the mirey clay someone we all feel is worthy of condemnation or retribution for their sinful ways (although we should see that we ALL are in that category as well).


We have petitioned God for three miracles.  The first two had to do with others – we were petitioning God’s mercy to be clearly shown.  About a month ago He blessed us with a last minute, midnight answer to prayer – that was the first miracle. It was an amazing moment and we were so very grateful. Today I received word that He has provided the second miracle. There are yet some details to be worked out, but we will leave them in God’s hands, for He has proven He is Worthy of our gratitude  and praise. Prayer does work and He will honor our petitions made to Him on behalf of others.
A great burden has been lifted, and based on the blessings He’s given our family lately we are sure He has great things ahead. God has provided a full time job, a showing of our house tonight, and has blessed in others ways that have given us hope. We can now come out of the shadows and into the light. Thank you to all of you who reached out to us during these tough months. It is so very good to leave the shadows of discouragement behind.
Now we await our third miracle – to sell our house for a decent price in this terrible economy so we can move to Wisconsin to be near family. I once again request your prayers on our behalf. We know He is able.