In church last night we spent a marvelous hour exploring the function of the Law in man’s life regarding salvation. One would assume a light Bible study on a prayer meetin’ night, but not us; we were fed from both Testaments, old and new, a hearty meal! 

There is a key to salvation – a key that unlocks man’s heart so that it is receptive to the redemptive power of the cross.  Do you know what that key is? Have you ever knocked on a door to share the gospel only to be met with a man who claims to have no need of a Savior? There’s a popular saying that goes like this, “Ya gotta get ‘em lost before you can get ‘em saved.” Well, that’s where the Law comes in. We don’t have to follow the Law to get saved, rather we use the law as a window into our soul. It is our schoolmaster.  Through our knowledge of the Law we judge just how sinful we are, realizing then the need of our acceptance of the One who has already paid our debt. If we don’t get those people on the other side of our door knocking to realize they are lost, then we can’t get them to realize they need to be found!

So, though we are not relying on keeping of the Law to gain a home in heaven, we surely need to use the Law to remind us of our need of the Savior. The Law brings the conviction necessary to persuade people of their guilt before God. Thus, the Law IS perfect, converting the soul. (Psalm 19:7) It’s a mirror that reflects our depraved soul.  When you talk to someone who claims to not be a sinner, just point them to the Ten Commandments.  Not one of us can ace that test!

Here are some choice morsels to enjoy:  Psalm 22; Isaiah 53; Micah 5:2; Psalm 19:7; Romans 3:19-20; I Timothy 1:8,9; Luke 11:52; Acts 28:23.