There is a sorrow endured that cannot be shared,
A heavy burden that I find alone I must bear.
From my day to day loving my Isaac did part,
A sawing asunder of my mind and my heart:

There’s no way to explain the pain I do feel,
It’s a sharp silent ache that only to me it is real,
No one can take, help carry, or rid of the cold,
The emptiness I feel without my Hudson to hold.

Others try to lessen the pain that does so totally grieve,
But it’s not an element that can be taken or freed;
How does another replace my daughter that’s truly my friend?
I’m afraid it’s a heart’s tear that only she can mend.

It was for His service that my son stepped out of my days,
and took his family so far from my love and embrace,
One solace that’s given by my God who’s so good,
He gave me a son who has done as he should.

Every day is empty of the sunshine I so need,
Each day is full of a begging, an overwhelming plead,
My Father, my God, allow me to go to where they have moved,
To see the grace of God to me so benevolently proved.

In the evening, when we’re sitting by the fire alone,
Where the weeping seems to be so useless and drone,
I contemplate my last huggling and kissing of my boys,
The sum of my life, my love and my joy.

I love and miss you Adam, April, Isaac and Hudson.

Written for the Jones family by Mom & Grammie 9.25.08