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How to Pray for Missionaries

This was in an email sent from Mrs. Secrest to her son, Barry Secrest, missionary to Uruguay. I intend to use this list when I pray for my kids.

1. Pray for character Heb 13:18-19
Lord please help (specific name)

to have a clear conscience.
to be innocent when falsely accused.
to be blameless when dealing with sin in others.
to never cut corners or compromise convictions
to live an honest, noble, and honorable life.

2. Pray for clarity Col. 4:4

to make the message plain and simple.
to openly present the gospel for all to hear.
to conscientiously study the local language.
to constantly seek ways to impact the local culture.
to allow the holy spirit to do his work.

3. Pray for courage
to develop a fearless, daring heart.
to speak out even when physically or emotionally drained.
to have freedom to speak out when opportunity is given.
to be culturally conscious, but always turn to the Scriptures.

4. Pray for chances Col. 4:3
to seek diligently for open doors.
to depend upon the Lord to open doors.
to knock until doors open.
to avoid forcing doors open.
to realize that big doors always mean many adversaries.

5. Pray for deliverance ll Thes. 3:1-2
to be shielded from malicious wickedness.
to be protected so ministry can progress.
to be careful not to shun serving in difficult places.
to be anticipating opposition to all true ministry.
to be rescued when facing all harm.


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  1. Loretta Bonner

    Wow. If only I had this about 30 years ago…..

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