This is a poem I ran across on Facebook written by an old friend, Natalie Rankin. Enjoy.

He LOVES Me, He Loves ME

The petals of the daisy teased a game for me that day,
“He loves me” and “He loves me not”-so I began to play.

With every time “He loves me” came my heart in hope would soar,
But when it was “He loves me not” the rains of doubt would pour

I knew the game was but in vain and yet I set my heart
to hope on something on the sand so bound to fall apart

And sure enough, with petals gone, I held the stem in hand-
With heavy sigh, I wondered why and tried to understand.

So gently came His still small voice, His precious word to me-
“My love is not in petals, Child-I MADE the flower for thee.”

“I see that thou hast plucked it clean, Yet I can make anew;
Though thou hast sinned against my love, My own remaineth true.”

So now, no flower can sway my heart; He loves me- this I know.
And why have I no need to doubt? The Bible tells me so.