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February MOMentum Challenge {Love My DIY Home}

MOMentum Challenge Calendar

Let’s keep the MOMentum going with a February challenge.

Just click on the picture below to download it, print it, and then post it where you can see it. At the end of the month those in our Facebook M.O.M.s group who have accomplished each challenge, will have their name entered into a drawing for a prize – TBA!

I benefited so much last month that I just had to do another one!

February MOMentum Challenge {Love My DIY Home}If you are not yet in our FB M.O.M.s group, you will get an invitation in an email after you request the above calendar PDF.

  1. Join our challenge – download the calendar.
  2. Join our Facebook group M.O.M. (Your invite comes via email)
  3. Complete all the weekly goals.
  4. At the end of February, post your success on our M.O.M. Facebook group page.
  5. Be entered in our drawing and wait to see if you won!


Val @ Mom of Many

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  1. I so like this, I’ve wrote them down and will do them for arch, useless you make one for then. Do you think I’m too old for this particular blog, even though this post would fit anyone I’m assuming most are for younger mothers?

    • I do plan to do another challenge for March, probably different from all the others. And no, you are not too old. It’s like anything else, you pick through and find what applies to you and disregard everything else. Plus, it is good to have some of us oldies on here to mentor the young ones. I often take my own advice when dealing with my adult children. 🙂

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