An old friend of mine, Arv Edgeworth, wrote a book that is being published this week. It’s called Dismantling Evolution Made Easy. I’ve reviewed the book and believe it’s a tool that we all could use when we need to answer questions regarding evolution. It’s full of quotes from renowned scientists on both sides of the issue. Information for purchasing this book can be found at Truth and Science Ministries.

Arv holds many types of seminars: from 1 to 8 day meetings; senior camps, junior camps, VBS, mission’s conferences, educator’s conferences, Christian schools, public schools, area wide meetings, exposing evolution workshops, radio and television. His seminars are designed for those who seek to critically and logically investigate the scientific evidence that refutes the unsubstantiated hypothesis of evolution.

Here are some of the topics of his main presentations: 1. What About Dinosaurs? 2. The Age of the Earth 3. The Fossil Record 4. Science Versus Religion 5. What’s In The Textbooks? 6. The Evidence For Creation 7. The Impact of Evolution 8. The Pre-Flood World 9. Evolution and Dating Methods

He also has a four-part series on false teachers, Bible versions, and UFO’s – Satanic Deception in the End Times