There’s a young lady in our church named Carol who has shown the servant’s spirit twice now to me recently. It should not go unnoticed. Others need to hear about her kindness because it is a true picture of what a Christian ought to be like.

I encountered the blue screen of death with my laptop (it wouldn’t boot up) and was beside myself wondering what to do about it. I had questioned a couple of computer people that I knew but none of them knew what to do with it. Carol’s mom, Nancy, was in my Sunday school class and heard my prayer request regarding my laptop (it is a very essential part of my service at school and church). She mentioned to her daughter about my laptop and Carol took it and within 5 minutes had it up and running. She told me what she did and I filed it away in my mind for future reference. Three weeks later the same thing happened, I did the f12 trick, and the computer self checked, passing every test. So, once again, Carol took it and looked at it, but rather than the blue screen coming up, it booted up right away. She offered to take it home and check it for viruses, so I agreed happily.

Many times I have had a computer crash on me right at my busiest times, losing valuable information. It can be a heartwrenching experience. It is my main tool. It helps me stay on task in my classroom, manage my schedule and my student’s work. Carol truly enjoyed helping me out of my trouble. She sought me out. I didn’t have to go find her. When her mom told her of my troubles, after the service was over, she came over to where I was and found me talking with a man that knew something about computers, but had no idea what to do for me. She patiently waited for him to finish what he was saying, and then stepped up and offered to look at it.

You don’t find this kind of servanthood in just anyone. It takes a special person to care about others enough to stop what they were doing and seek a person out to help them. She obviously takes her position in Christ seriously and takes His command to serve others to heart.

Servanthood is about showing that others are valuable. It’s about helping others in their ministry. We’re supposed to work together for the Lord’s glory and His kingdom. Carol has it down. Thank you Carol. You have made a difference in another person’s life. You are living Scripture.