12120811946I’m only going to bore you one more time with my shopping trip savings. Here is another picture of groceries, etc. that I picked up last night and a listing of my savings. The only thing missing is a big bag of cat food. This time I only spent a couple of hours getting together my coupons and list. The original price for all these items was $119.04 with a savings of $58.56. Since I used three of my $15.00 in RR (register rewards) from prior WAGS (Walgreens) deals, I only had an OP (out of pocket) of $45.74. All these items came from Walgreens, Walmart, Meijer and Steve & Barry’s. For dinner, Jillian and I ate at Subway with a 2/1 coupon so we got a foot long sub free.  The key to saving is to make a detailed list and sticking to it, buy only items on sale, and find coupons to combine with the sale items. Buy more than what you need and store it, so you don’t have to buy it at full price next time you need it. If you are consistent you should be able to make your dollars stretch all year ’round.