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Milestone Birthday

I’m not supposed to tell, so keep this under your hat!  My mom, pictured here at Christmas with Katie and Isaac, turned 80 years old today. It’s my favorite picture of her because she so adores Isaac! She’s on my Facebook friends listing if you’d like to send her a b’day wish.

Her favorite things to do are read, be with her great grandkids, quilt and sew, visit with family, and go to church. She’s in the process of writing a cookbook at the request of her dentist featuring meals that can be eaten by those who have just had dental surgery. She lives in the basement apartment just below us and plans to move with us to Wausau, Wisconsin. She’s been our greatest support during all our ministry years, including participating in the raising of our special needs children. God has given her so many years because she’s dedicated her life to serving others.

Happy birthday, Mom!


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  1. Loretta Bonner

    Happy Birthday to a very sweet lady! Today is Tom’s birthday and his mother’s, Joan Bonner. Great day for great people!!

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