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When the prodigal son (mentioned in Luke 15:11-32) went off to the far country, he did not come to his senses when there was plenty of money around and partying going on.  He woke up to reality when he was feeding hogs, and getting really hungry.  The only way you can help your loved-one that refuses to get help is by allowing them to hit rock-bottom sooner rather than later. Let them hit bottom before they have sustained so much physical and mental damage that their life, in all essence, is destroyed.
Your addicted loved-one might have to live there for a while, but they will eventually get tired of living at rock-bottom. They will beg and plead, and deny they are using. They will ask for money. They will want to use your car. They will beg you to give them a little more time to get back on their feet. You have to cut them off completely! Don’t lie for your loved-one to their boss. Don’t give them the one hundred dollars they want, and don’t make their car payment for them…THE ONLY WAY TO HELP IS TO LET THEM FAIL!  Let them get fired, let them be hungry, force them to walk and not drive!  
They might end up homeless–living in a dumpster, hungry, jobless, and alone– but they must face the hard, cold reality of their destructive lifestyle that they have chosen.  An addict is not going to quit using until they hit rock-bottom.  Rock-bottom, simply put, is the place where the painful consequences of addiction exceed the pleasure of that addiction. The addict may hit rock-bottom in the county jail, when the car is repossessed, when the husband or wife leaves, or when the children are taken away from him or her.  They might hit rock-bottom when they are hungry and the family abandons them.  They might hit rock-bottom when there is no place to crash anymore.  Don’t let them continue to play games with you; do not take action to help your loved-one avoid hitting rock-bottom.

To read this article by Dr. George Crabb, D.O. in its entirety, click here. This article was on the Reformers Unanimous Schools of Discipleship webpage.


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