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Guilty as Charged!

Today Jillian and I went shopping all day. It was our last fling before she leaves for college Saturday. It’s become a tradition with us. We stopped at Walgreens to take advantage of the body wash that was $3.99 with a $4.00 Register Reward. We were friendly with the cashier so she kind of considered us kindred spirits when Jillian told her she was a cashier too. After we paid and went out to the van, we decided to go back in and use our $4 RR on B1G1 gum. We were standing in the snacks aisle trying to figure out what was the best deal on gum when the cashier saw us and started up a conversation about those who take the WAGS deals too far. Jillian and I exchanged looks and knew we were in for some fun.

The casher went on to say that she disliked shoppers who thought it was OK to “rip off” Walgreens by coordinating their purchases so they walked out of the store not having paid anything. Oh, and it gets better. She said, “and they even have a website that tells shoppers how to do this, can you imagine such a thing?” Once again, Jillian and I exchanged glances saying with our eyes, “Don’t you dare start laughing or I will lose it!”

She ended with a, “And I just think it’s awful when they take a picture of the things they got at Walgreens and post it on their blog, bragging about how they ripped Walgreens off! Don’t they understand that I need to be able to keep my job? How can Walgreens stay in business if they keep doing that?”

We shook our heads and gave her looks of sympathy all the while knowing we were the “rip off” artists she was describing. What she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her, right?

Oh, after that admonishment, I feel so guilty….. NOT!  hehe


Uh, Yeah, I Should Think So…


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  1. Connie

    Wow! You wicked rip-off artist!

    • momofmany

      Like I said, “Guilty as charged!” ROTFL

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