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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Have you ever been to the place in your life where you have been so blessed that words cannot adequately describe how good God is? Well, that’s where I am. So many blessings have come our way this past couple of years that I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot find the right words. Even though we’ve have some hard times in the past, God has continued to give us the desires of our heart, well mine, anyway. Pictured here is the condo we’re enjoying in Tennessee. Every time we turn the key in the door, I’m blown away by how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy a week of luxury. Back when April was about two years old, we bought a timeshare week at Fairfield Glade in Tennessee. It’s been a long time since we’ve been here as a family, but I thought my kids might enjoy a pictorial reminder.

Kids, remember the jacuzzi that we’d fill with bubbles and have you all jump in and sculpt beards out of suds? Remember sitting around watching movies or going for walks out in the woods? Remember the church that we visited that was having a Sunday school contest? With our 17 people they had no trouble hitting their goal! Remember our “kids family picture” on the steps? Remember going to Hardees for a fish sandwich late at night? Remember taking turns eating dinner because there were only enough seats for 10? Remember sleeping in the closet, bedroom floor, bed, pull out couch and living room floor? What good times we’ve had.


Blast From the Past




  1. Julie Ross

    Val, We were just at the Tenn. condo for a week in July. We also stayed at Oak Knoll where it looks like you were staying. Remember the year we went there together with our families? Kids slept in closets and if I remember correctly Jillian slept in the car top carrier!!! That was so much fun!! I have such fond memories of all our times together! When we were just there Wally and Jenny Rose were there too. We had their kids with us for a day and the girls loved that big closet near the front door for their “house”.

    When the time gets closer I will get Jillian’s phone number from you and Erin and I will try to pick her up for lunch one day. I will be at Erin’s around Oct. 24th and stay until just before Thanksgiving. We will do our best to get to the college to see her there are a couple of kids from our church to visit there too. It will all depend on the babies arrival!


  2. Devin Sarvay

    Wow! Why does that place look smaller all of a sudden? When I was tiny it seemed so huge! Wowsers! All those things you brought up really refreshed my mind of all the great memories we had on our vacations to the condo! I hope ya’ll are having a wonderful vacation! At least ya’ll can eat all at once instead of taking turns because there was only enough seats for like 7 of us to eat! LOL!

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