A few weeks ago I asked many of you to pray for our little friend, Justus. He had been badly burned and was in immediate need of prayer. Here is his story:

Justus Day 2

Justus Day 3

Justus Day 6

“It was Thursday, April 1, 2012, in the early afternoon when my phone rang at work. It was my wife and I knew something had to be wrong because she never called and knew that I wasn’t supposed to answer.  I answered the phone with a lump in my throat and immediately knew. She was crying and our 17 month old son was screaming in the background. She had poured a cup of boiling water for tea. What she thought to be out of reach wasn’t. With her back turned for a couple seconds he entered the room and had reached up and tipped it over onto his head, face, cheek, neck and shoulder. 

After spending an hour in the ER and having little aid or peace of mind, we knew we needed to do something else. The doctor considered it 2nd and some parts even 3rd degree burns. He told us our son may have scaring and possibly need skin grafts! The following day Kevin introduced us to PXP and Alpha Energy. We began spraying intervals of Alpha Energy and Coloidal Silver every 20 min day and night! We also began giving him PXP Forte’ 1/2 tsp 3 times a day. The infection quickly subsided and we started seeing improvement in about 2 days. Kevin kept assuring us this would help it heal and improve the chances of him not scaring but none of us expected the results quite this good! After 4 days we backed the spraying to every 30 min still day and night. After 6 days his face was healed enough that he began sleeping in his play pen next to our bed. We stopped spraying at night to allow him and us to get some sleep.

Justus Day 42

As I write this its been about 3 weeks and I would say he is at 95%. He is his normal self and as you can see the deep gouges in his face and ear are completely filled in and smooth. He has NO scars. The scabs in his hair are taking a little longer to work themselves out but I am confident he will not only never remember this incident, but that he looks as though nothing ever happened. We thank God for bringing Kevin into our lives at the time that He did and for giving us the strength, wisdom, and guidance.

Through prayer and these products from Enzacta, life CAN be the same as it once was. For more information please feel free to contact us at www.liferebuilt4good@gmail.com and check out www.greatesthealthsecret.com.”   ~Brad, father to Justus, the miracle boy

Update to the story – take a look at the picture I took of Justus last week when I took their family pictures. God has been very good to him!

Justus, July 11 – 3 months later