pork-loin-meal1Our newest challenge in homeschooling is cooking class. Yesterday we put pork loin in the crockpot with fresh onions, mushroom soup, fresh sliced mushrooms and gourmet green beans. (We got the meat at Felpausch Sunday for 99 cents/lb.) Levi made onion soup (from scratch!) and Jacob made garlic mashed potatoes by adding additional ingredients to leftover mashed potatoes in the fridge. Right now they’re eating last night’s leftovers for lunch and discussing how Jacob made the garlic mashed potatoes. How funny that sounds, to hear two 17 year old boys (today is Levi’s b’day) discussing the culinary arts. The dinner was fabulous – as good as in any fancy restaurant.  Here is a picture of how Jacob put the plates together. We had to have a fancy looking plate for such wonderful tasting food! I never thought I would say cooking is fun, but it is!