Are your standards dictated by your church?


  This has been an age old controversy. Or maybe we can call it a debate. All I know is I have put a ton of thought into this and finally feel like I have a handle on it.   I'm 56 years old and finally can say I am enjoying true freedom in Christ. Oh, I always had it, just wasn't free to enjoy it. It took … [Read more...]

How Much is Too Much Loss?

How Much is Too Much Loss? {Mom of Many}

Our family and friends have experienced so much loss, pain and suffering lately.   Everywhere I look I see loss. My father-in-law passed away a year ago. My mom 6 months ago. A friend lost her youngest son in a car accident yesterday. Another friend is caring for her youngest son who was in a … [Read more...]

New Blog Address! offered a Mother's Day Promo to raise money for and moved Mom of Many over to it's own self hosted site today. If you are interested in blogging, go to and check out her $1 deal to get your blog up and running. She has set up two of mine in the past: Adark Holsters and Love My DIY Home. I … [Read more...]

Ladies, YOU need to hear this… Listen up!

Melody2 by Jesse Therrien from freeimages

Hey ladies, my valuable, worthy ladies who love God and put yourself out there every day for others. Yes, I mean you. I have something to tell you, something you NEED to hear. I’ve gotten so many letters, texts, Facebook messages, phone calls, and frustrated, “I need to talk to you,” face to face encounters that I have to address this. Urgh. There … [Read more...]

The Healing Quilt by Wanda Brunstetter

The Healing Quilt

The Healing Quilt by Wanda Brunstetter is about a retired Amish couple that moved to Florida for the winter. The husband, Lamar enjoys the change of scenery and has found the slower pace to be invigorating but the wife, Emma, soon finds she is bored and pining for her family and friends back home. To remedy her unsettled feeling, they advertise a … [Read more...]

Love My DIY Home is Finally Here!

That's me - Val @ Love My DIY Home

My newest venture is finally ready to be announced. I've worked on it for a year now and would love it if you would join me at (wish I could do a drum roll) A site for the wanna-be DIY'er, almost DIY'er, thinking about bein' a DIY'er and already doin' DIY'ers This is my passion and I hope it will be yours too. That's me - the one super excited … [Read more...]

Oh, it’s been a long time..

Love My DIY Home

Greetings, my peeps! It's been quite a while since I've done much here on Mom of Many. But I have a good excuse - honestly! I've been crazy busy with a ton of irons in my fire (had to start a fire, it's been so cold out here in Wisconsin!) Last July I started Love My DIY Home because I want to work from home. I saw an opportunity to start a … [Read more...]

You’ll Get Through This by Max Lucado

You'll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times by Max Lucado was quite good. I would recommend this book to anyone who's struggling with trials in their life. Too often I've seen people quit or make poor decisions on which direction to take while in the midst of trial because they can't seem to see around the corner, knowing that … [Read more...]

For Every Season, by Cindy Woodsmall

For Every Season by Cindy Woodsmall is about Rhoda, an Amish woman, who is gifted with a special intuition – something that has caused her trouble in the past because those in her family didn’t believe that her abilities were God-given. This theme is woven all through out the story as she works toward establishing a new Amish community by reviving … [Read more...]